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What a beautiful video. Brought tears to my eyes.

Very emotional, timely, and
much needed in the world right now.

Beyond wonderful.

This song is just what I needed today.
I felt my eyes watering up at the end.

Very fine, very fabulous. Just lovely.

Inspiring and beautiful.

You lifted me up at a time when I really needed it!

So powerful and evocative.

I cried immediately. It is so beautiful!
What an important message.

Beautiful and amazing!!

Lovely, inspiring, and beautiful. Thank you!

Very positive song.

Wonderful... Thank you for that [tears of hope].

I like this a lot. Well worth watching and listening.

Love those vocal harmonies!

Cool! I love the whole concept of the video and song.

Love the song lyrics! So smart and centered!

The language, the music, and the imagery
are all so beautiful.

Tremendous lyrics! Lifted my morning, thank you.

Nice work! We need that!!


Music and lyrics copyright 2003 Richard Middleton / Countersine (ASCAP).
Audio and video copyright 2012 Richard Middleton / Countersine (ASCAP).
All right reserved.